Terrific Transport CD


Terrific Transport CD

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Product Description 

This CD deals with transport generally and also has sections for cars and bikes, aviation, trains and water based transport. It contains quizzes, activities, photos and interactive jigsaw puzzles. The men in particular will love this one! For a more detailed description keep scrolling.

The Terrific Transport CD contains the following:

  • 9 Interactive Jigsaw Puzzles

  • 9 different Photo Downloads: each of these contains 20 photos with a word on them, 20 photos without a word on them, the 20 words on their own and 20 photos which can be printed out and cut up into 6-piece jigsaw puzzles (for the 9 Photo Downloads you will then have 180 jigsaw puzzles of 6 pieces each).

  • 6 PowerPoint Presentations: these can be used on the screen or printed out.

  • 6 different Word Searches: these each contain 20 different transport words to find plus extra words.

  • 10 different transport sounds to identify: great for people to listen to and bring back memories. Aural stimulation.

  • 6 different sets of Transport Trivia: these each contain 20 multiple choice questions.

And there's even more on this CD worth over $120.00! Buy now and save yourself weeks of research and preparation (not to mention cost).

Suitable for use outside of Australia as well.

This CD is a great accompaniment to the Getting Around DVD.

Terrific Transport CD

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