Men's Tactile Cushion

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Australian customers
Men's Tactile Cushion

Product Description

The Men's Tactile Cushion is suitable for individuals or as a group activity.

It promotes visual and tactile stimulation, conversation and reminiscence.

The cushion encourages exercising of the hands to discover the objects contained.

The cushion is made of a sturdy yet supple vinyl and contains a clear panel through
which the objects related to men's activities and employment can be discovered.

The product comes with a list of objects contained and activity ideas.

Suitable for individuals or use as a group activity.

Approximate Size: 23cm x 18cm

Australian customers
Men's Tactile Cushion

Tags: dementia, stroke, acquired brain injury, ischemic conditions, cognitive function, nerve damage, re-education, motor skills, olfactory sense (smell), autism, memory, hands, rehabilitation,tactile sense (touch), auditory sense (sound)