Best of Sitting Dances DVD Kit


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Product Description

Best of Sitting Dances is a 'Life. Be in it' program encouraging gentle movement to music from a chair sitting position. It is a fun program for people with limited mobility, encouraging participation at all levels from the basic to the flamboyant! 

There are no rights and wrongs in Sitting Dances except to join in at whatever level feels comfortable. 

The 13 dances range from slow and rhythmic to faster, more exuberant. Leaders should select dances most suitable for their group, adapting and modifying them if needs be. 

Dances include The Dance of Greeting, Paprika, Raindrops Blues, The Russian, The Irish Washerwoman, Heel & Toe Polka, Hand Shape Circle Dance, Little Italian, Flower Girl, Taxi! Clap & Shake, Charleston, Colour Dance. 

Each dance starts with a visual backdrop to stimulate interest and create the potential for stories, themes, reminiscing and jollity! Also included is a little background information on each dance and tips for leaders.

Included in the Kit:
  • 14 instructional Cards. with a step by step outline of the movements for each dance, their specific value, a little background information to set the scene, tips for leaders and suggestions for extending the dance theme further.
  • DVD. Mary Lou is our Best of Sitting Dances leader. She has a fun, personal approach motivating and encouraging participants to join in and have go at whatever level suits them. By stimulating memory and imagination, Mary Lou ensures that the Best of Sitting Dances becomes an experience beyond just physical movement.
  • CD. The Best of Sitting Dances CD presents the music for all 13 dances.