Picture Dominoes Set 3


Picture Dominoes Set 3 CD

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Product Description

These Picture Dominoes, which you print in colour from the CD, are designed to colour the lives of your residents, provide armchair travel and stimulate reminiscence. They are also good for hand/eye coordination. The CD contains three different sets of dominoes: "Aircraft""Birds" and "Outback" to be enjoyed by 6 players at a time. Instructions for making the dominoes are included on the CD. Below are the photos used in each of the sets.


Instructions for making the dominoes:
  • Print the A4 sheets (on 200gsm paper for preference).
  • Laminate each sheet (or cover with clear contact).
  • Cut out each of the 28 tiles.
  • As a safety precaution, round out the sharp corners by hand or use a scrapbooking rounded corner punch.
If you don't have time to make the dominoes yourself, then get your volunteers to make them.

Better still, depending on the ability and dexterity of your residents, the making of the dominoes could also be an activity in itself. 

If the dominoes are damaged in the making, just print more of any individual sheets to replace the damaged ones.

Over time, and with use, the dominoes may become worn. If so, then just print another set.

Suggested adaptation to raise the height of the dominoes for players who have impaired hand coordination: 
  • Foam at a thickness of 3mm or 6mm (available from a local rubber store) or 
  • Cardboard from boxes could be glued underneath the dominoes. 
Each set of picture dominoes has 6 different photos on 28 tiles (sample of one sheet containing 
3 tiles shown below).

Pictures replace the dotted tiles of the more usual domino game.

The game can be played any way you like with pictures matched to pictures.

The domino tiles are approximately 16cms x 8cms (about 6in. x 3in.).

While playing the domino games, residents can also reminisce about their travels, transport or visits to zoos.

Picture Dominoes Set 3 CD

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