Outback Australia Jigsaw Puzzles CD


Outback Australia Jigsaw Puzzles CD

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Product Description

This CD contains 25 interactive jigsaw puzzles which can be played on a personal computer or laptop. Five photos have been made into jigsaw puzzles of 12, 24, 40, 104 and 260 pieces (suitable for different levels and something for the carers as well)Instructions are included on the CD. Preview the movie clips below showing how to do a sample 12-piece and 24-piece jigsaw puzzle (from African Animals and British Buses CDs ).

These jigsaw puzzles are of South Australia's Outback in the Flinders Ranges and Gammon Ranges. They depict the various aspects of the Outback - a flooded creek bed and brilliant Sturt's Desert Pea wildflowers after welcome rain, an old settler's hut and wagon, mother kangaroo and joey in Wilpena Pound, and a stunning lookout in the Gammon Ranges near Arkaroola. They really bring back memories for people who've travelled or lived in the Outback. Great for armchair travel.

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Outback Australia Jigsaw Puzzles CD

Here's a Review about the jigsaw puzzles. 

"Hi Fran, I think your beautiful digital jigsaw puzzles are fabulous and easy to use. I work in community and have begun using them with a number of clients, including 1 client who has quite advanced Dementia and has never used a computer. We put the disk into his wife’s laptop and asked him to have a look. He immediately pointed to pieces and showed where they should be placed (correctly). He has a past history of years of doing jigsaw puzzles, but no longer able to manage too many pieces. This was a lovely way of being able to reconnect with his jigsaws but also an enjoyable activity to undertake together. I have shared this information and your contact details with some colleagues (who also had a bit of a play) with a very positive response. Well done." Fay, Korumburra, Victoria, Australia

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