Nonverbal Picture Books

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are designed to help not only people with dementia but also people who have suffered some sort of cognitive loss, had a brain injury or even a stroke. Also excellent for non English speakers.

** Nonverbal Picture Books can be created on request providing photos are available in the Alzheimer's Products portfolio **


These Nonverbal Picture Books, which you print in colour (or black and white) from the PDF on the CD, are designed to aid in communication, promoting conversation and stimulating reminiscence. Different themes are dealt with and some books will also relate to the movie DVDsInstructions are included. The picture books may be used individually, with a carer or with a group. 

For those who are into technology, the PDF can be viewed on a computer/laptop and on a TV. The PDF can also be loaded onto and viewed on a kindle book reader, tablet or ipad.

The CD contains: 
  • 40 pages of coloured photos without words in A4 size (they may also be printed in a smaller size). If printed on heavy paper they can then be bound or put into a folder using plastic sheet protectors.
As a bonus, there are also 
  • 40 pages with words which match the photos and
  • 40 pages with the same photos which can be printed off and cut up as 6-piece jigsaw puzzles.
Below is a sample from More Amazing Animals Nonverbal Picture Book CD.

With the additional pages included on the CD many more activities, for both individuals or groups, can be created like:
  • matching the words to the photos activity, 
  • creating posters, coasters and placemats or even
  • making a "Snap" card game using smaller sizes of the photos printed multiple times.
The possibilities are endless, the value is immense! 

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Some of these Nonverbal Picture Books can also be used for armchair travel with relaxation and enjoyment in mind.

"Hi Fran, Thank you so much for the Nonverbal picture books. I have residents who relate quite well to these books. One resident is thoroughly enjoying the  Maritime Mix & our gardeners just love the Beautiful BloomsMore Amazing Animals is wonderful for both males & females to peruse, I have seen instances where a client is visibly agitated & have sat with them for a time going through the nonverbal picture books. The improvement in their behaviour is evident within the first 10 mins. 
I recommend the nonverbal picture books as a wonderful resource to not only assist with agitated residents but also as a talking point for small group therapy. Well Done Fran. Many thanks for all your help it is much appreciated." Helen, Goonellabah, New South Wales 

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