More Amazing Animals DVD


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Product Description

A 27 minute DVD movie presentation of over 260 still photos of domestic animals: horses, ponies, donkeys, dogs, cattle, sheep, goats, birds (ducks, geese, chickens and peacocks), alpacas, pigs and a few rabbits, camels, and cats. Accompanied by background music and occasional animal and bird sounds – no captions or narration, to enable easy viewing and listening, and reminiscence. Play the preview video.

This DVD is certain to bring back memories for those who have travelled, lived on farms, gone to agricultural shows or have enjoyed the company of pets. 

Photographed mostly in Australia, there are also photos from Argentina, Austria, England, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Thailand, The Netherlands, the USA and WalesIdeal for armchair travel. 

There are also a few quirky things for observant people to pick up while watching the DVD e.g. the fake Dalmatian dog and the two black & white calves who have ear tags which spell out a famous Arnott's biscuit. 

This DVD will appeal to both sexes who have loved and enjoyed A day at the Show DVD 
and A day at the Zoo DVD - animals (particularly horses and dogs) and birds for everyone.

More Amazing Animals Nonverbal Picture Book CD is a great accompaniment to this DVD.

All the DVDs are produced in the PAL format. CLICK HERE to see whether your country uses PAL.

If your country uses a different format, DVDs can be viewed on a multi region DVD player, a portable DVD player or a laptop (with a DVD drive) which can then be linked to a TV screen via a cable.

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