Marvellous Machinery DVD


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Product Description

A 26 minute DVD movie presentation of over 260 still photos relating to new and old farm machinery, steam engines and various other machines. Taken with a backdrop of Adelaide, Power of the Past at Mount Barker, and the Agricultural Field Days at Paskeville, all in South Australia, along with Victoria (Australia), and Arizona, Colorado and Utah (USA). Accompanied by background music – no captions or narration, to enable easy viewing and listening, and reminiscence. Play the preview video.

"Fran, Regarding the feedback on the DVD's that we purchased the comments are: "I could watch it all day" (Outback Adventure & Marvellous Machinery). "If you didn’t like that, there's something wrong with you" (Beautiful Blooms). So I would say that they are a big hit here. All residents that have watched them have enjoyed them very much." Trish, Regis Sunraysia, Mildura, Victoria

All the DVDs are produced in the PAL format. CLICK HERE to see whether your country uses PAL.

If your country uses a different format, DVDs can be viewed on a multi region DVD player, a portable DVD player or a laptop (with a DVD drive) which can then be linked to a TV screen via a cable.

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