Float Planes of Alaska DVD


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Product Description

A 26 minute DVD movie presentation of over 260 still photos featuring float planes at Lake Hood, near Anchorage Airport, and Trail Lake at Moose Pass, Alaska. The planes are colourful and the background shows the beauty of the mountains, the lakes and their surroundings. Reflections in the water abound. Accompanied by background music – no captions or narration, to enable easy viewing and listening, and reminiscence. Play the preview video.

There's nothing quite like float planes. You have to be a sailor and a pilot at the same time. You need a life jacket, rope and a paddle and in some cases a rifle case attached to the wing strut.

Aimed at people who live in North America, especially mainland USA and Canada, this video will also appeal to those who love planes and flying. Ideal for the men.

This would certainly bring back memories for so many who have flown as a part of life and an easy way to travel from place to place.

Many of the photos have appeared in Awesome Aviation DVD but there are quite a lot which are new. The soundtrack is also the same.

All the DVDs are produced in the PAL format. CLICK HERE to see whether your country uses PAL.

If your country uses a different format, DVDs can be viewed on a multi region DVD player, a portable DVD player or a laptop (with a DVD drive) which can then be linked to a TV screen via a cable.

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