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Reminiscence and recreation products for people with Alzheimer Disease and dementia are available for purchase from this website. 

Products for Alzheimer's are 
suitable for use in residential aged care (particularly for people with dementia), retirement villages, day care centres, respite facilities, at home care and with special needs people (like stroke, cognitive loss, brain injury).

Most of these aged care activities products are available on a DVD or CD, with some also available as a download.

Over the next few weeks products from other creators will be added to the Store. Most will be physical products, like books, cards, mats and cushions, rather than digital products. Keep checking back to see what has been added to stock. 

Although this is an Australian website, buyers from outside Australia are most welcome too. Alzheimer's Products' DVDs and CDs have been sent to Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA. 

To find out an approximate price in your currency, click on the Currency Converter on the sidebar to the right.

All the DVDs are produced in the PAL format. CLICK HERE to see whether your country uses PAL (or scroll down to see the list from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAL_region).

If your country uses a different format, DVDs can be viewed on a multi region DVD player, a portable DVD player or a laptop (with a DVD drive) which can then be linked to a TV screen via a cable.

All DVDs and CDs come in a floppy plastic sleeve so there are minimal postage costs

Check out the RAVE REVIEWS to see just how fabulous the products are and how people use them!

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